Farmers and Ranchers Can Now Apply for Financial Assistance through USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP).

Producers can download the CFAP application and other eligibility forms from Also, on that webpage, producers can find a payment calculator to help identify sales and inventory records needed to apply and calculate potential payments.


Additionally, producers in search of one-on-one support with the CFAP application process can call 877-508-8364 to speak directly with a USDA employee ready to offer assistance. This is a good first step before a producer engages the team at the FSA county office at their local USDA Service Center.


For those producers that do not have internet access or are more comfortable with a manual application, we are providing the attached worksheet for you to distribute if requested.  The form can be completed and submitted to the County FSA office through mail, email or fax as the office is not open to the public to date.


Pratt County FSA Office                                            Barber County FSA Office

299 NE SR 61                                                           800 W 3rd Ave

Pratt, KS 67124                                                         Medicine Lodge, KS 67104


FAX:  855-786-0814                                                  FAX:  855-784-3642

Email:                                    Email:

Phone:  620-672-7449                                               Phone:  620-886-5311


Signup deadline is August 28, 2020


We appreciate your assistance in providing information to our producers.

2020 Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Worksheet